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Innovazione significa ispirazione 

Quando ci si confronta, nascono inevitabilmente nuove idee, questo è quello che è successo al BIF2 Collaborative Innovation Summit in cui si è discusso di innovazione e di collaborazione in azienda.

Ho selezionato alcune riflessioni che mi hanno più ispirato, le altre le trovate qui.

Innovation is not a process. It’s creating an environment that helps teams of people quickly build trust and relationships. Then people have the right framework to create.
Ivy Ross, executive vice president, product design and development, Old Navy on the secret of quickly getting new ideas from teams

Innovation is often just looking at what you have and taking it somewhere new.
Diane Hessan, CEO, Communispace on the value of really knowing your customers

Nothing happens without an innovation intent or point of view.
Larry Keeley, Doblin Group, on the most common obstacle to innovation

Just by making half a turn the whole world can change.
Liz Lerman, founder of the Dance Exchange on how taking a slightly different view can help us see new things

Sometimes doing research is an excuse for not doing anything else.
Jane Fulton Suri, chief creative officer, IDEO, on the need to rediscover the value of research – observing patterns and themes in new ways for inspiration, imagination, empathy

There too much design research and process around creative beautiful objects and not enough on the customer experience.
Jeneanne Rae, president of Peer Insight, on the huge lack of understanding around services innovation and understanding a customer’s entire journey

A good marriage is about a conversation, not sex.
Day One moderator Richard Saul Wurman on how conversations connect people and ideas in meaningul ways

Execution is successful only if the author of the idea passionately embraces the execution team.
Mary Pat Ryan, executive vice president, Sirius Satellite Radio, on the critical need for passion to transcend the big idea and seep into everyone making the idea real

There’s more history under the sea than on the earth
Oceanographer Bob Ballard on the value of creating new technologies that can help children explore what’s under the ocean, from ocean exploring vessels right to the classroom

“They are us.”
Inventor Dean Kamen on the need for people to get more involved in helping kids realize what a blast science, engineering and technology can be, urging tech types to volunteer in the FIRST program

All new ideas are combinations of existing ideas.
Frans Johansson, author of The Medici Effect, on the tremendous value of combining ideas from different fields and looking at the connections and intersections of those ideas

It was difficult to reconcile my desire to be an artist with the reality that I was an administrator.
Roger Mandle on how he came to see his role as president of RISD as one of an artist, creating an environment for creativity and innovation, like onoing performance art among talented people

Don’t be a star, be a galaxy.
Peter Gloor, MIT professor and author of Swarm Creativity, on the value of connecting talented people to achieve innovation

Social networks like MySpace have nothing to do with core relationships. They are impermanent really just advertising vehicles.
Wall St. Journal columnist and conference Day 2 moderator Walt Mossberg on the value of going to conferences like BIF2 and meeting people face to face

Theater is where civilizations throughout history have shaped their democracies. But make no mistake friends, Broadway is not a democratic place.
Trinity Rep artistic director Curt Columbus, on the value of regional theater as the vital public square for people to talk about ideas shaping their communities and lives.

What’s the next great idea for you? What is the next big chapter in your life?
Randy Antik, founder of Swat Team Partners, on the questions worth asking ourselves to stay passionate, engaged and innovative

Che cosa è per te l'innovazione?


Anonymous Anonimo said...

L'iinovazione é il processo che trasforma le idee in valore.

22/3/07 14:24  
Blogger Kawakumi said...

Innovazione per me è discontinuità nella continuità...

22/3/07 15:15  
Blogger MarketingPark said...

Innovazione è anche percepire prima degli altri i desideri del mercato ed offrirgli il tuo prodotto rinnovato prima che te lo chieda.

23/3/07 10:12  

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