martedì, giugno 12, 2007

Your brand is everything 

Non l'ho tradotto, l'ho lasciato così com'è.

Your brand is everything. Don’t think that just because you’re not Nike or Coke that you don’t have a brand. You ARE a brand.
  • You transfer a customer four times to different departments and she never has her problem solved. That’s your brand.
  • You charge a customer extra for something they thought was included in the original price. That’s your brand.
  • You replace a defective product but no one apologizes to the customer for his trouble. That’s your brand.
  • You put a telephone customer on hold for over a minute. That’s your brand.
  • Your web site is confusing and hard to navigate. That’s your brand.
  • A repeat customer for many years comes into your store and no one greets her by name. That’s your brand.
Questo è solo un estratto, l'intero post lo trovate qui.


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