lunedì, aprile 28, 2008

Real Time Economy 

The Real-Time Economy from Real-Time Economy on Vimeo.

Real-Time Economy (RTE) Community is an online community, a social network and an idea-generation platform where business people, research scientists, students, policy makers, service providers and organizations related to RTE meet to pave the way for real-time economy. The main activity in the community is to share and test ideas and thoughs on real-time economy and digitalization utilizing the means of crowdsourcing. RTE Community will reveal important ideas promoting cost-savings, increasing competitiveness, well-being and new modes of effectiveness related to the implementation of digital technologies.

RTE community is a joint collaboration between Helsinki School of Economics (HSE), TietoEnator and Dicole produced in Real-Time Economy program. RTE program is a joint program between Helsinki School of Economics (HSE) and TietoEnator. The first project of the program is Full SEPA (20.10.2006-31.3.2008) which is focusing on payments and e-invoicing, the second is Full Value Chain (1.1.-31.12.2008) will broaden the focus to other value chain processes. Full SEPA and Full Value Chain projects are funded by TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation).

Solo per ricordarci di quanto sia grande il divario tra l'Italia ed i Paesi più digitali, ma anche che noi abbiamo delle isole felici come il Cefriel.

Sono diversi i progetti innovativi portati avanti dall'Università italiana, solo che noi non sappiamo comunicarli.


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