sabato, maggio 26, 2007

Co-created music 

La richiesta di Ryan Steward attraverso YouTube

When writing this, I was envisioning my college days with my wife. We were very young when we met and got married. Now, almost 15 years and 2 kids later we like reminiscing those college days. This is a rough sketch of a musical idea that I have about that time. I am obviously not a singer, it's just that I hear a voice there and wanted to include it. It would sound much better with a sweet voice instead of forgive. Therefore, I am looking for a good singer and possible lyricist for the next step. Please e-mail me if you think you have a good voice or lyrics to this music.
Cheers to you my YouTube friends,

La risposta di Steve G. Beck con la voce di Venetian Princess (Steve è un fotografo, non un musicista)

This video is the result of a collaborative effort between me, Ryan Stewart, and Venetian Princess. It all began in February when Ryan posted a video of himself playing a song and humming the vocal line. In the description of this video, Ryan requested that someone write lyrics and sing the vocals. VP responded and I believe the results speak for themselves.

Qui la versione strumentale.


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