sabato, dicembre 10, 2005

Rottamiamo i vecchi pensieri 

Quando parlo con mia figlia di tre anni e quando sento i discorsi di molti giovanissimi, mi si apre il cuore e parte del mio pessimismo svanisce.

E' un vecchio sito, le persone sono cresciute, spero che abbiano mantenuto la loro freschezza.

POWER - Amanda Barone, 14

The power to express is the power to be yourself and that is the greatest power of all.

DETERMINATION - Angela Hoffmann, 17

Determination is a stream that wears away the rocks until a canyon opens up.

CHARISMA - Megan Seery, 15

Being able to tempt without offering a treat.

ENERGY - Kelsi Dick, 15

The sparks that fly from your fingertips when you're laughing in the dark.

IMAGINATION - Eva Zaller, 14

Imagination is dreaming in Technicolor while staring at a stone.

INNOVATION - Amanda Dillon, 13

The ability to think beyond today's world; to see things as they could possibly be; to envision the world changed, and to change it.

INTIMACY - Allison Quinnell, 14

Intimacy is being comfortable with people rummaging through your soul.

LOVE - Megan De Loach, 14

Love makes you feel like you could swim across the whole ocean, even though you're still taking lessons.


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