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21st Century Soundies 

The Soundies Mashup by Exceeda
La maggior parte dei mashup musicali traggono la loro ispirazione dai videoclip e dai video degli anni 70 e 80 e reinterpretati con "tappeti ritmici" dei giorni odierni, quando l'esplorazione dell'enorme archivio televisivo americano degli anni 40 è un serbatoio di idee pressochè infinito.

Over 40 years before MTV and the video music phenomenon there were short films created for specific jazz and big band tracks known as 'The soundies'. From 1940, around 1,865 were produced and alongside TV broadcasts they were installed in 'video duke box' type units in bars & restaurants throughout USA where they could be individually watched for a dime on machines called Panorams. The soundies rose to popularity at the same time as the big band sound dominated American music scene.

In 2009 Exceeda has explored these archives, updated and remixed these cult big band sound & image classics of a forgotten era, with future fresh bosa breaks & up-tempo rhythm drum beats producing a new style of 21st century audio-visual entertainment..

This mix features the stand out talents of musicians, composers and singers :Stan Kenton, Sonny Dunham, Larry Clinton, Bob Chester, Buddy Rodgers, Lawrence Welk, Alvino Rey, Helen Huntley and June Christy.

Exceeda will be performing his unique soundies show in clubs and festivals throughout 2009. For Exceedas live audiovisual DVJ show expect also to be joined by Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Cab Holloway all rolling you back to the legendary big-band bebop swing time of dance-floor music.

Un documentario della PBS approfondisce il tema dei Soundies

Lo spazio di MySpace di Exceeda


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